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Cruises and boat tours

Spend an unforgettable day at the sea. Pay a visit to a light house, see the seals of the Baltic Sea on a cruise in the outer archipelago or take a look at the historical rock carvings at Pikes’s Gut.


Cruises to Russarö island

Russarö is a small island south of Hanko with a very fascinating past. The island is a military area with limited access.

Cruises during 2017:
June: 10.6, 17.6
July: 11.7, 18.7, 29.7
August: 5.8, 12.8, 26.8
Departure from the Eastern Harbour at 5 p.m. Duration: 3,5 hours. Boat trip takes 20 minutes one way.
Price: Adults 37 euros, children (4-14 years) 20 euros, children under 4 years free of charge. Entrance to the light house 8 euros.
Please note!  Only persons with Finnish citizenship can visit Russarö and over 15 year old persons need a valid ID card.

Hanko Tourist Office webstore or Marine Lines, tel. +358 (0)400 536 930, www.marinelines.fi

Risteilyjä Bengtskärin majakalle

Cruises to Bengtskär

Being the tallest lighthouse within the Nordic countries, Bengtskär rises a majestic 52 metres above sea level. If you want to experience the magnificent view, you have to climb up 252 steps, but the view is well worth the trouble! The lighthouse was built in 1906 and is situated about 25 kilometres south-west of Hanko. On Bengtskär there is a lighthouse museum, a home turned museum, an exhibition on the Battle of Bengtskär, a lighthouse post and a café, as well as premises for accommodation and conferences.

Cruises to Bengtskär with M/S Summersea from the Eastern Harbour on Monday to Saturday during the 18.6-27.8.2017 season.

Departure from Hanko: at 11 a.m.
Arrival in Bengtskär: at 12.30 p.m.
Departure from Bengtskär: at 3 p.m.
Arrival in Hanko: at 4.30 p.m.

Price: Adults 60 euros, children (4-14 years) 25 euros including lunch, a guide and entrance fee to Bengtskär. There is a café on board. M/S Summersea can carry up to 155 passengers. We recommend advance bookings. You can also order a customised cruise, starting from 1.5. Cruises are contingent on weather. Min. amount passengers: 30 persons. See also www.bengtskar.fi

Marine Lines, tel. +358 (0)400 536 930, www.marinelines.fi or the Hanko Tourist Office webstore

Gustavsvärnin majakka

Cruises to Pike’s Gut and Gustavsvärn

Gustavsvärn is the best kept part of a four-part larger whole of fortresses outside Hanko. The little islet contains the ruins of a fortress built by the Swedes in the late 18th century, as well as a lighthouse from 1951. The attendant’s house is well kept and looked after by the Finnish Lighthouse Society, who sell souvenirs there in the summer.

Hauensuoli is a narrow strait between the islands Tullholmen and Kobben outside Tulliniemi. There are over 640 kept rock carvings on the island. “The visitor’s book of the archipelago” consists of names and coats of arms of nobility, soldiers and tradesmen. The earliest ones are from the 16th century.

Cruises on Tuesdays and Saturdays to the Pike’s Gut and Gustafsvärn during the 1.7-15.8.2017 season and on Saturday  26.8.2017. Departure from the ST1 quay in the Eastern Harbour at 2 p.m. The duration of the cruise is approx. 2 hours.

Price: Adults 25 euro, children (4-14 years) 10 euro. Min. amount passengers: 6 persons. Also customised cruises. Cruises are contingent on weather.


SunFun tel. +358 (0)400 440 802 or Hanko tourist office +358 (0)19 2203 411.


Sealsafari to the outer archipelago

Take a trip to the outer archipelago to see the grey seals living in the Baltic Sea. There are over 12 000 grey seals and with a bit of luck you can spot one!

Sealsafari on Thursdays and Sundays during the 1.7-12.8.2017 season. Departure from the ST1 quay in the Eastern Harbour at 2 p.m. The duration of the cruise is approx. 2 hours.

Price: Adults 35 euro, children (4-14 years) 15 euro. Min. amount passengers: 6 persons. Also customised cruises. Cruises are contingent on weather.


SunFun tel. +358 (0)400 440 802 or Hanko tourist office +358 (0)19 2203 411.


By bike along the coast

One new thing this summer is a bike route that follows the coast (Hanko – Bengtskär – Kasnäs – Kemiönsaari – Raasepori – Hanko).

The trip includes a guided tour on Bengtskär, entrance to the lighthouse, and of course a wonderful Sea voyage. The boat travels between Hanko, Bengtskär and Kasnäs, and the last leg of the trip is reserved for bike riding. The bike ride is roughly 130 km long.

The trip is available from Mon-Sat during the period 18.6-27.8.2017.

Time table:

Hanko – Bengtskär: Departure from the Eastern Harbour at 11 AM, arrival at 12.30 PM. Price: 38 euros/adult and 15 euros/child (4-14 years) + 8 euros/bike (10 bikes at most). Includes a light lunch, entrance fee and guided tour on Bengtskär.

Bengtskär – Kasnäs: Departure at 17 PM, arrival at 18.15 PM. Price: 25 euros/adult and 12,50/child (4-14 years) + 6 euros/bike.

Bookings Hanko-Bengtskär:

Bokningar för rutten Hangö -Bengtskär: Marine Lines phone +358 (0)400 536 930, myynti@marinelines.fi

Bookings Bengtskär-Kasnäs: phone +358 (0)40 218 2960, info@bengtskar.fi



The fortress island of Örö

The fortress island of Örö that has been a closed military zone for a hundred years is now opened to the public. Its heavy Obukhovskii guns, historic barracs and different kinds of defence stations tells the story of coastal defence in different eras. Örö is also an important nature destination, there are a total of approximately 16,5 kilometres marked trails that run in easy terrains. There is also a restaurant and café as well as premises for accommodation on the island.

Cruises are arranged from the Eastern harbour on Sundays during the 25.6-27.8.2017 season. Departure at 10 a.m., arrival at 6.30 p.m.

Price: Adults 75 euros, children (4-14 years) 30 euros. Price includes lunch. Contingent on weather.

www.marinelines.fi, tel. +358 (0)400 536 930 or the Tourist Office Webstore.


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