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Hanko is easy to reach: flexibly by your own car (along highway 25), environment-friendly by train or bus directly to the center of the city, by bike or by boat enjoying the surroundings – there are plenty of alternatives! There is also a ferry connection between Hanko and Paldiski in Estonia!

You will get to the map page of Hanko by clicking this link.
You can measure distances and search for streets on the map pages. There are also address maps, orientation maps, fishing maps, objects and service, aerial and other photographs and much more on the pages!

Are you travelling to Hanko from Helsinki?
Driving directions (journey time about 1h 30min.)
Travelling by train
(journey time 2h, change at Karjaa)
Travelling by bus (journey time about 2h 30min.)
Travelling by boat
Travelling by bike

Are you travelling from Turku to Hanko?
Travelling by car (journey time about 1h 45min.)
Travelling by train
(journey time about 2h, change at Karjaa)
Travelling by bus(journey time about 3h)
Travelling by boat
Travelling by bike

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