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Auringonlasku Tulliniemen luontopolulla

Bettina Sågbom

Passionate friend of Hanko

“A sandy beach. A peninsula. Sand and seaweed. I can walk as far as I like and dip my feet into the sea whenever I like.”
Bettina Sågbom, passionate friend of Hanko

Bettina Sågbom, My Hanko:

1. Furuvik. The beach and the woods
2. The new nice nature trail on Uddskatan.
3. The Pike’s Gut. Feel the wings of history
4. The House of the Four Winds. For even more wings of history
5. I love having a beach sauna in Itämeren portti myself. But of course not everybody has access to it.
6. Gunnarsinranta. Beautiful villas, fishing huts and narrow roads. And the beach.