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“The memories of the bathhouse time in Hanko, especially before First World War, sounds like a chapter in a novel. All rich, beautiful Russian women were princesses with a courting own little hoof. Perfume scent in the Spa Park was so dense that it impregnated tree trunks. Statesmen, princes, counts and barons visited the resort and the most famous artists of the time performed in here. The silk rustled, fine lace tilted, little feet in patent leather shoes skipped among the pine roots and the August moon shone over who knows what kind of romances and tragedies.” From the book of Hanko public baths “Pearl of Great Price” by Birgitta Ekstrom Söderlund.

The guided tours to the Spa Park villas remind us about life during the Grand Duchy time and life under bathhouse resort’s heyday. The Villas with their decorative wooden ornaments represent an unique chapter in the history of the town.

Price: 90 euros
Duration: 1.5 hours

The walk can be booked for groups throughout the year
Bookings from Hanko Tourist Office, tel. +358 (0)19 2203 411, tourist.office@hanko.fi