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Muinaistulet Kappelisatamassa

Kitro Saikkonen

Free diver, seasaltblog.blogspot.com

“The clearest water in Finland is in Hanko. In autumn you can see down to a depth of 10 meters! It is easy to dive from the cliffs or to go out in a boat. In a few minutes you can be out on the rocky islands in the archipelago.”
Kitro Saikkonen, free diver, seasaltblog.blogspot.com

Kitro Saikkonen, My Hanko:

1. The red granit rocks in the archipelago
2. The Night of Ancient Fires in Kappelisatama
3. Sunset on Krokudden
4. The cliffs by Casino lures all year round.
5. Långören, especially in winter