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The tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries, Bengtskär, is located 25 km south-west of Hanko (52 m above sea, 252 steps). The lighthouse was built in 1906. Bengtskär is the southernmost inhabited island in Finland. There is a museum, a café, exhibitions, a post office, and accommodation and conference facilities. Daily cruises in the summer.

Inquiries and bookings of accommodation and conference packages: Bengtskär Oy, tel. +358 40 218 2960, info@bengtskar.fi, www.bengtskar.fi

Vinkki! Yle / Elävä arkisto: “Wilsons and the lighthouse at Bengtskär” (in Swedish)

Bengtskär location

Gustafsvärn (Kustaanvarustus)
Gustafsvärn is a small island located 3 km south-west of Hanko, with ruins of the fortifications built by the Swedes in the late 18th century as well as a lighthouse from 1951. Cruises in the summer.

Gustafsvärn location

Russarö island is located a couple kilometres south-west of Gustafsvärn. The five-storey lighthouse was built in 1863, and is made of stone. The lighthouse is also called “the Eye of Hanko”. The Russarö lighthouse decorates the coat of arms of Hanko, which is one of the most beautiful in Finland. Cruises in the summer. Further information: “Cruises and boat tours”.

Russarö location

The Finnish Lighthouse Society