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Ravintola På Kroken hangossa

Tomi Björck

Award-winning chef and restaurant owner

“For me Hanko means relaxation. In Hanko I feel very happy and relaxed – wonderful memories and thoughts of warm people immediately fill my thoughts. “ ‘
Tomi Björck is an award-winning chef and restaurant owner. He runs the restaurants Farang, Gaijin, Boulevard Social and Bronda in Helsinki, as well as Farang in Stockholm.

Tomi Björck, My Hanko:

1. Makaronitehdas. Here I spend a lot of my time (formerly known as Restaurant Jonathan). Nowadays under calmer circumstances, previously in the kitchen.
2. Dad’s house, where we barbecue and enjoy each other’s company with the entire family in many generations.
3. The sauna at Itämeren portti is the best sauna in the world.
4. Tulliniemi beach. This is where I always take my foreign guests, as the beauty of Hanko is summarized here.
5. På Kroken. Every time I am in Hanko I come here to eat or to buy fish.