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The nature path runs through a conservation area and leads you to the outer archipelago, to the southernmost point of Finland, where the Archipelago Sea and the Gulf of Finland mix. Tulliniemi provides protection for many endangered species and is a valuable resting area for birds as well as nesting area for seabirds. A significant migration route passes through the area. Especially in the autumn you are provided with breath-taking nature experiences as migratory birds gather on the tip before crossing the sea. The plant and insect life on the dry meadows and the sandbanks is outstanding. Also the sub water nature is valuable as submerged reefs and sandbanks maintain a diversity of life.

Along the nature path there are 15 info boards with information about the valuable nature and the capes’ rich cultural heritage in maritime and military history. The scenic Tulliniemi is situated along an important sea route and because of its location by the open sea with protecting shipping lanes Hanko has always been a desired strategic base.

The nature path is 6,7 km long. The path is in some places difficult to walk and is not suitable for disabled people. At the nature conservation area visitors are only allowed to walk along the trail marked with white painted poles (no cars or bikes).

The nature path is located at a nature conservation area that was established in 1990. The Uddskatan water area with its beaches became protected already in 1933. The area is also a part of the National Urban Park that was established in 2008.

Map over Tulliniemi