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Tourist Office

7.1-31.5 Mon-Fri 09-16
1.6-31.8 Mon-Fri 09-18, Sat-Sun 10-16
1.9-31.1 Mon-Fri 9-16

Because of the coronavirus situation our office is closed Mon 16.3–Tue 31.3. You can reach us by phone (+35819 2203 411), e-mail (tourist.office(at)hanko.fi) and Facebook on weekdays 9–16.

Hanko Tourist Office
Raatihuoneentori 5
10900 Hanko
tel. +358 (0)19 2203 411

We are located right next to Kirkkopuisto park and the Water Tower. In the tourist office we have all kinds of wonderful things to offer for Hanko fans: T-shirts, postcards, Hanko stamps, and our favourite “Hangon Keksi” (Hanko biscuit) tins.
You are most welcome to visit us!

If you happen to drop by when we are closed, you can take a brochure and a map from the Hanko post box outside the tourist office entrance.

Did you know that the tourist office is open all year? Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you want, and we will be delighted to show you a different kind of Hanko; the magnificent light and high skies of spring, the long, velvety autumn and the almost European Christmas time.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday in Hanko,
The tourist office gang

The Water Tower

The Water Tower is open daily during the summer. The tower stands 65 m above sea level, and there is a fantastic view in all directions over the cape of Hanko and the Baltic Sea.

Entrance fee: 2 euro

Open 2020:

2.5-30.6 Mon-Sun 13-16
1-31.7 Mon-Sun 13-18
1-31.8 Mon-Sun 13-16

It is possible to visit the Water Tower during other times by booking a guide who comes with you to the tower. Bookings at tourist office.


Tourism Manager: Jon Lindström +358 (0)19 220 3414
Jon is responsible for the development of the tourism in Hanko

Marketing Assistant: Susanna Sandberg +358 (0)19 2203 3411

Every year we get help from three summer employees, that share smiles for free at our office and in the Water Tower!