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Choose your beach

Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland, if not in the whole Baltic Sea area, and it offers beach experiences for every taste. Hanko has 130 kilometres of shoreline, 30 kilometres of which consists of sandy beaches, whereas some are beautifully barren and rocky bays. The sea glistens from three different directions and almost every road leads to a beach. It is always a good idea to check the direction of the wind, since in summer the temperature of the sea varies, depending on the direction of the wind!

Plagen ranta Hangossa

1. Plagen – the happy carousel beach

Plagen, also called Tennisranta or “the Tennisbeach”, is the favourite beach for families with children. The beach is shallow and child-friendly. When there are southerly winds the water is often warm. On this popular beach you can find the unique water carousel in 50-60 cm-deep water. There is also a playground, a beach volleyball court, 10 beach huts, a toilet and a café.

Bellevuen ranta Hangossa

2. Bellevue – the naturally beautiful Kolaviken

Bellevue is a shallow and calm beach to the east of Plagen. The water in Kolaviken can be very warm when the wind is southerly. On the beach there are three beach huts and toilets. The Långsanda nature reserve is to the east, where the beach continues towards the House of the Four Winds.


3. Tulliranta – the paradise of water sports

Tulliranta beach is windy with beautiful sand dunes. The beach underneath the parking place is reserved for swimmers. On the beach there are two beach huts and toilets. The Tulliniemi beach is popular among people into watersports, wind surfers as well as kite surfers like it here. Prime conditions occur when there is a northerly to south-westerly wind.

Rantaelämä Hangossa

4. Silversand-the sunset beach

Silversand is a small beach on the north side of the Hanko cape next to the camping area. Here you can take a plunge into the sea in the evening, and enjoy the sunset at the same time. When there is a northerly wind the water is often warm on this beach. The beach has a beach hut and toilets.

Slaktis ranta

5. Slaktis-with warm water

Slaktis is a shallow, little beach in the western part of the Hanko cape. The water is often very warm there, and the afternoon sun shines on the beach. There is one beach hut and a toilet on the beach.

Rantaelämää Hangossa

6. Hangonkylä-bathing jetty and diving tower

In Hangonkylä there is a bathing jetty suitable for people with disabilities. The jetty is in use during the summer months. Next to the jetty there is a little sandy beach, where the water is often warm during northerly winds. Nearby there is also a supervised diving tower, which is open daily in the summer. On the beach there are two beach huts, one of which is suitable for people with disabilities.