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The Hanko tourist office has a vision statement about becoming an environmentally responsible year round tourist destination by 2020. To reach this goal we need dedicated work and to emphasize environmental responsibility in all questions regarding tourism.
A clean sea and nature is an essential part of the attractiveness of this city situated on the southernmost point of Finland. We want to preserve the nature to ensure that the beauty and diversity is worth a visit, also in the future.

In 2014 we for the first time awarded a green sun as a sign to indentify environmental responsible local companies in Hanko.

The following companies have met the criteria: Restaurant Origo, Hangon Makaronitehdas, Classic Pizza, Café Regatta, Pensionat Tellina & Thalatta and Sattva Wellness & Ayurveda.

A company needs to answer positively to a minimum of ten questions to be able to obtain the green sun.

1. At a minimum level we follow the municipality’s waste management regulations.
2. We sort and supply the waste for recycling on a daily basis.
3. We choose locally produced products, service and food.
4. We pursue to purchase goods together with other companies in the region.
5. In issues regarding interior design and marketing we try to choose sustainable, environmentally friendly and eco-labelled products and materials.
6. We use eco-labelled detergents.
7. We encourage our customers to use public transportation or to bike and walk.
8. We have an ecological heating system. Which one?
9. We follow up on our costs for water and energy and inform our employees about the results.
10. We encourage and guide our customers to find a reasonable level of water and energy consumption. How?
11. We encourage our employees to act environmentally responsible. How?
12. We show respect for the nature, try to minimize the negative impact and emission. How?

This is based on the GreenStart-tool developed by Haaga-Perho. Haaga-Perho offers research, training and development services and has become famous as a nation-wide developer of quality in tourism enterprises and services. Haaga-Perho has run Quality1000 programme nation-wide now for ten years. Hanko tourist office is a GreenStart-company. Please observe that the tourist office has not yet been awarded a green sun.

Do you as a local entrepreneur want to develop your company in an environmentally responsible way? Please, get in touch with the tourist office for further information.

The tourist office goes green

All products for sale at the tourist office are locally produced or as environmentally friendly as possible.
The Hanko City Tourist Office is an official partner of Baltic Sea Action Group, and Team Hangö is the campaign name of our joint efforts.
All brochures are printed on environmentally friendly paper.
We try to motivate our customers to make environmentally friendly choices in their every day life. To see Hanko by bike or foot is the best way!
The Powerful Nature in Hanko. At the tourist office you can find this brochure with more information about the nature in Hanko.
To raise awareness. We actively distribute information about the environmental responsibility and different ways to enjoy the nature.

Recycling points in Hanko (in Finnish)

St1 Eastern Harbour and St1 Hangonkylä

Empty the cassette toilet here
Camping Silversand (for a small fee)

Green events

Earth Hour 2020
The lights of the Water Tower are switched off during Earth Hour.

Beach Clean Up 
A beach cleaning day for the whole family! Arranged yearly in May.

Local food producers
The tourist office arranges guided tours to visit local food producers a few times a year.

A tour visiting local producers