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Discover your favourite great walks

Hanko is a charming place all year round and there are many places worth discovering. You can choose a historic theme for your walk or just go with the flow and see where the road takes you. Pick your favourite walk or try them all!

The path of love and the giant's kettle

The Love Path on Puistovuoret – a cultural outdoor experience

Take a stroll along the Love Path and experience the unique mixture of outstanding nature and historical events. The 1.5 km-long walk will take you back to the late 19th century, when the Love Path was created for the well-being of the spa guests. Cultural history and wonderful nature intertwine on Puistovuoret, the cape offers a breathtaking view of the Baltic Sea.

Old wooden villa in Hanko

The Architectural Walk in Hanko Town Centre

Let the buildings come to life and tell you their own history. Despite the short history of the town, Hanko has an astounding richness in architecture. At a comfortable walking distance you will find works by Theodor Höijer, Lars Sonck, Selim A Lindqvist, Waldemar Aspelin, Wiwi Lönn och Viljo Revell among others. Get your own guide brochure, or book a guided architectural walk at the tourist office.

Tulliniemi beach

Tulliniemi and Gunnarstrand

Take a walk on the cape where the mainland ends, and you are met by the endless sea and unique nature. Regardless of season, the Tulliniemi beach is a fantastic environment for a walk. The stormy sea is a delightful companion, and on the way back you can admire knotty miniature pines. Don’t miss the idyllic fishing sheds at Gunnarstrand on your way back.

Thw War History of Hanko

The War History of Hanko

The traces of Hanko’s wartime history reach hundreds of years back in time and there are plenty of interesting things visible still today. Find out more about on our website where you can get acquainted with the war history of Hanko and with the help of the map on the site you can easily find your way around town.

The southernmost point of Finland

Tulliniemi nature path and the southernmost point of Finland

Go for a walk and enjoy the unique nature and the closeness to the sea. The Tulliniemi nature path will take you to the outer archipelago, to the southernmost point of Finland, where the archipelago sea and the Golf of Finland meet. The southernmost tip is an excellent daytrip destination all year round; you will encounter a breathtaking view and a stunning sunset.


Hangon Arkkitehtuuri

Guided tours

Throughout the year you can also book a guided tour for example with the theme “The Tales of the Spa Park Villas” or “In the Footsteps of Mannerheim”. The price is 85 euros for 1-30 persons. Reservations and more information from the tourist office. Guided tours in Hanko