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Guided tours and walks with a special theme

Hangon kylpyläpuisto

“The tales of the Spa Park Villas”

The Spa Park is a marvellous an unique chapter in the history of Hanko. The Hanko Spa was founded in 1879 and the villa quarters were developed around the same period of time. During the guided walk we make acquaintance with the spa culture from the end of the 1800 century to the early 1900 century, the architects of the villas, the residents and the life in the Spa Park in general.


The life in Hangonkylä in the 1700s

The first population in central Hanko was found in the area of the anchor place of Kappelisatama. In the five houses of the village all men were pilots and they passed on their knowledge to the next generation. On this tour you will make acquaintance with the habitants of the village and the life in the 1700s, when the russians burnt down the village twice.

Siirtolaisten jalanjäljillä

In the footsteps of the emigrants

In 1880-1930 Hanko was the departure place of the emigrants seeking a better life in America. There are still many places and buildings that are associated with the emigration. Nearly 400 000 Finns emigrated to North America and Canada in hope of finding a better life, most of them departed via Hanko. On this tour we will visit these places and hear about the destiny of a few emigrants.

Mannerheimin jalanjäljillä

In the footsteps of Mannerheim

During this guided tour we will hear about the a military leader and statesman Gustav Mannerheim and his presence in Hanko. In July 1919 Gustaf Mannerheim lost the first Finnish president election to KJ Ståhlberg and almost the whole of the 1920s Mannerheim spent a civilian life. He got himself the ownership of the island Suuri Mäntysaari, where he had his summer cottage, Villa Stormhälla . He also owned the café on the neighbour island, the former Café Africa, which he renamed Café The House of the Four Winds.

Hangon sotahistoria

The Soviet military base in Hanko 1940-41

The Winter War ended with of the Moscow peace treaty 3.13.1940 and Hanko was rented to the Soviet Union as a naval base for 30 years. The rental period however lasted for a little less than two years. The Continuation War began at the end of June 1941, and on the Hanko front there were battles during summer and autumn. The most well known battle was the battle of Bengtskär lighthouse 27.7.1941. The Hanko base was about to get encircled and the Soviet Union decided to evacuate it. The last Soviet soldiers left Hanko 2.12.1941, leaving behind them a destroyed city.

Huvila Hangossa

Architecture walk in Hanko

The city of Hanko was established in 1874 as Finland needed a winter harbour. The city grew at a rapid pace and the winter harbour and Finland’s finest spa made Hanko the city of the future. Well-known architects such as Lars Sonck, Theodor Höjer, Jac Ahrenberg, Valdemar Aspelin and Armas Lindgren designed buildings in Hanko. In 1955 Hyvon Kudeneule Ltd was established in Hanko in a factory building designed by Viljo Revell. In the same year the building was voted the world’s most beautiful factory building by an Italian architecture magazine.

Hangon Ortodoksinen kirkko

The Orthodox Church

Because of the many Russian spa guests the Orthodox Church built in Hanko in 1895. The Church was designed by architect Barankejev. Spa guests also donated most of the icons and the inventory of the church. During the Soviet military base period 1940-1941 the church was a club room, but it was spared from major damage. In 1960 Ina and Tito Colliander and minister Repo and his wife arrived in Hanko to renovate the church. At the time Ina Colliander made the glass mosaics in the bases of the domes. A visit to the church can be included in a sightseeing tour.

Meriharakka ja päätön mies- patsaat ja muistomerkit kertovat

The sights in Hanko

Take a closer look to Hanko and the sea life in the city with a knowledgeable guide. We walk in the city center, become acquainted with the sights and get a lot of information about Hanko.

Opastetut kierrokset Hangossa


The guided tour can be booked in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French and Russian.

Guidance fees

2019: 1.5 h / 90 euros and every further hour 60 euros (half an hour 30 euros). An extra language fee (15%) is charged in case the guidance is requested to be made in two languages. Am. prices are only for the guidance and do not include the transport.

Opastetut kierrokset Hangossa

Invoicing and cancellations

The guidance is to be paid per invoice after the guidance.

We have the right to charge the full cost in case of no-show or if the booked services are cancelled later than 2 days before date of arrival.


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