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Guided tours in Hanko

Make more of your trip to Hanko on a guided tour. Choose a bus tour, a walk with a special theme or a tour by bike. We actualize guided tours according to your wishes, alternatives range from a visit the Water Tower to a tour with a historic theme. During the summer there are public guided walks in the city center.


Experience the unique nature and maritime atmosphere in Hanko during a guided sightseeing tour. The standard sightseeing tour lasts for 1,5 hours. The tour contains all the most important sights, and also offers an insight into the history of Hanko, as well as to the present situation.
During a guided bus tour the bus passes different sights, but a visit is not included in the standard tour. If you wish, it is possible to add such a visit to the sightseeing tour, for example the Hanko Museum, the House of the Four Winds, the Church of Hanko, the Orthodox Church, the Water Tower, the Front Museum or the Soviet Monument.

You can also book a guided boat tour to the archipelago and to the famous “Pike’s Gut”. The Pike´s Gut is a narrow strait between the islands Tullholmen and Kobben outside Tulliniemi. There are over 640 registered rock carvings from as early as the 15th on the island. “The visitor’s book of the archipelago” consists of names and coats of arms of nobility, soldiers and tradesmen.
Hangon Oppaat ry on facebook (the local guide club)

Guided tours and walks with special themes

An ideal group size for guided walks is under 25 persons (max. 30). We recommend to book more than one guide for bigger groups.

You can choose among a wide variety of guided tours and walks with special themes.