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Hanko Garden Days 25-27.5.2018

Hanko Garden Days 25-27.5.2018 is green about treasures: parks, the wild protected nature and gardens. Check out the whole program!


Tulliniemen luontopolku

 Friday 25.5 at 17-19:  Excursion to the German transit camp in Tulliniemi.

Departure from the parking close to the nature path. Guided by Tarja Kvarnström, whose fascinating stories about the history of the place won´t leave anyone untouched.

Registration: tarja.kvarnstrom@me.com

Price: 10 euros (to be paid on the spot)

Hangon puutarhaviikko

Saturday 26.5 at 10-12:  Exchanging of saplings

Location: Alan´s Café, Raatihuoneentori 4

Here you can not only exchange your saplings, but also get advice about planting and nurturing. Garden designer Päivi Rahikka from Via Garden will also be present.  Bring a picture or drawing of your garden´s problem areas or spots, where you are looking for a spruce-up.

Price: 5 euros (to be paid on the spot), 15 minutes. Exchanging of saplings is free.

Saturday 26.5 at 14-16:   Spot the park- guided tour by bike

Departure: The statue of liberty. The guides Helena-Boström-Mäkelä and Pirkko Sandblom know the parks like the back of their hands.

Price: 5 euros (to be paid on the spot)



Sunday 28.5 at 14-16:  Spot the Yard goes Täktom

Departure: The Market Place (transportation by bus)

Experience the Täktom stash for yourself: Japanese, Finnish, romantic and useful gardening, all in one package. Pit-stop at a local producer´s farm, where you can buy these local goods (cash only).

Registration tarja.kvarnstrom@me.com

Price: 10 euros (payment in the bus)



Here in the south of Finland the interest towards gardening is steadily growing. We hope that you will join our joyful community and help us put Hanko on the map as a garden town.

Welcome to Hanko!