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The wellbeing of the Baltic Sea is extremely important to all of us. The tourist office in Hanko wants to spread knowledge and inspire everyone to make choices that favour our common sea.

We now continue our efforts together with a new partner. In 2015 Hanko tourist office made a three year contract with Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) and the concrete aim is to gather 35.000 euros for building a wetland in Täktomlahti area. Täktomlahti has suffered from nutrient leakages and the new wetland would provide help to the situation. The goal is to begin the construction in 2017.

Hanko’s Baltic Sea work continues even more active than before. The tourist office gathers an information package of state and protection of the Baltic Sea, especially to the use of local travel organizers. Good practices will be shared with other municipal and other actors. New products will also be developed with the aim to donate a part of the revenue to this important wetland project.

For further information on Baltic Sea Action Group www.bsag.fi and on the commitment for the tourist office in Hanko: www.bsag.fi

More information on the nearby nature www.helsinki.fi/tvarminne, and on the Baltic Sea www.ym.fi ,

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Tips for saving the Baltic Sea
• Don’t litter. Don’t throw rubbish or slop into the sea – or anything else that doesn’t belong there. The sea is not a garbage dump.

• Be considerate when boating. Avoid causing large waves near the shores. Avoid excessive joyriding with motorboats and water scooters.

• Favour biodegradable non-phosphate detergents – phosphates make the sea eutrophic. Don’t discharge detergents directly into the sea.

• Give preference to wild fish over farmed fish.

• Nature in the archipelago is sensitive. Enjoy outdoor activities in the archipelago but avoid harming the flora, leaving the paths unnecessarily, and disturbing animals.