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Locally produced food and products

Welcome to the archipelago to taste our  local and regional products. In our shops you can find delicious food products and ingredients,  and souvenirs made by hand in Hanko.

Lähiruokaa Hangossa

Eggs at Dawn and Dusk 

In the traditional small henhouse located in the village of Täktom there are about five hundred beautiful chickens prancing around in their brown spotted feather suits. In addition to keeping chickens Nisse Sjöberg cultivates ten different species of potatoes, as well as carrots, cabbage, dill and rhubarb. Tasty brown eggs are however his greatest asset, a real trump card.

– Eggs sell extremely well – I could sell even more, much more, says Nisse, who delivers to a couple of small businesses in Hanko in addition to direct sales from the farm.

In such a great demand are his eggs, though, that the shelves are often immediately empty in the stores.

– In the beginning we had fifty chickens, now we have five hundred; no space for more chickens, Nisse adds.

Brown spotted chickens trip freely about on the set of perches. Their eggs are collected every morning and evening; on average chickens lay eggs every second day.

Both Nisse’s father and grandfather have cultivated this farm. Nisse is the third generation farmer in Täktom.

– I was born to work this farm, there were no other choices, says Nisse, well known to people who live in Hanko as well as to many visitors.

– The quality of my eggs has to be high, otherwise I do get feedback real fast when I walk in the downtown Hanko, Nisse adds smiling.

Nisse Sjöberg farm sales is located on the road to Täktom. Västankärrintie 40


Ylämaankarjaa laitumella Hangossa

Adoring Highland cattle

Havsgårdar is an organic farm situated in Täktom village in Hanko. The farm also grow cattle; Highland cattle that are a Scottish cattle breed.

This farm has 140 hectares of field and pasture. There is 25 calvers on the farm. The beef cattle is grown for about 2,5–3,5 years. Pasture and organic silage and combined with free range outdoors produces dark meat with a strong flavor. Highland Cattle and their meat, regarded as of the highest quality, is gaining mainstream acceptance as it is lower in cholesterol than other varieties of beef.

Havsgårdar is cooperating with State Forest Enterprise (Metsähallitus), The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), WWF and The City of Hanko as well as private landowners. The goal is to keep the coastal meadows from overgrowing with the help of cattle that range free. This provides habitats for birds to feed and nest, not to forget the perseverance of the cultural landscape.

Havsgårdar farm sales is located at Lövkullantie 92.

Other farmers that sell directly to customers:



Lähituotettua Mörby gård

Where do I find local products?

In Hanko you can find a variety of local products, and organic food.

Petran Sinikulma, Vuorikatu 15-17:

  • Mörby gård, products such as oatmeal from Mörby organic farm
  • Other organic products: spices, tea, dried fruit and nuts
  • Natural cosmetics and eco-friendly detergents
  • Sjundby ice cream, made from pure locally grown ingredients. Sold only summertime.

Hanko tourist office, Raatihuoneentori 5: Herrgårds Glass, ice cream made of milk from cows living on small farm in Tenala. Sold only summertime.

Restaurant Origo, Satamakatu 7:  The menu relies on local ingredients, preferably organically grown, according to the season. Open all year.

Restaurant Makasiini, Satamakatu 9: Enjoy the atmosphere of the archipelago and Scandinavian cuisine with a weekly changing season-menu. Check opening hours outside summer season.

På KrokenHangonkylän satama: Café and fish shop. Open all year.

Hanko marketplace, 1.5-30.9 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6-14, Saturdays at 7-12
1.10-30.4 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7-13, Saturdays at 7-12.

Käsityöläisten Hanko tuotteita

Local handicraft and art

You can buy lovely handicraft made in Hanko ranging from wollen mittens to wooden items. When purchasing locally produced handicraft you get a unique gift or souvenir, and at the same time you support the local porducers and their creativity.

Hangon Käsityöläisten puoti, Raatihuoneentori 4. This handicraft shop is situated in Villa Orrman and is open year round on weekends, daily during the summer.

Hangon Ideako, Eastern Harbour, Local and regional handicraft is sold in the shop in Eastern Harbour during the summer. Also a pop up store for Christmas.

Studio Tomi Parkkonen, Satamakatu 2, Photograpy by the local photographer Tomi Parkkonen is sold in his webshop.

Hanko Tourist Office, Raatihuoneentori 5, Hanko items and souvenirs, also local handicraft. Also sold in the webstore.