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The charm in Hanko is always unique and individual. Outside of the summer season Hanko is captivating and special.

Some have lost their hearts and return year after year, or choose to stay for good. For others the visit to Hanko remains in the form of beautiful memories.

Has Hanko captured your heart?

Blogs about Hanko


The site Kotona Hangossa (At home in Hanko) gives you a chance to get to know the life in Hanko through the eyes of a few bloggers. One of them fell in love with Hanko several years ago, another one is only experiencing the extasy of the first love. What brings them together is a home in Hanko where they live their everyday life together with their family or all alone.

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Watch a video!

Dream yourself away to Hanko by listening to the song Vadelmavene by Kasmir!

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A glimpse from the past


At Yle Areena you can watch a short movie by Filmiseppo from 1959.
Through the movie you will get to know Hanko and you will find out how the seaport and holiday resort that was so important to the Gulf of Finland also became a blooming industrial town

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