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Nature trails and bird towers

Högholmen nature trail


The nature trail of Högholmen invites you to take a magnificent walk. First the path will lead you through a pinewood, then over some sand dunes out to the tall cliffs with an astonishing view over the Baltic Sea. Högholmen is a private nature reserve with a nature trail, which has twelve information boards about the special natural features of the area. There are some impressive pinewoods, sand beaches, dunes and underwater sandbanks in the area.
The nature trail is one kilometre long. The trail starts by Tvärminnentie, about 10 km from the town centre of Hanko (about 4 km east of the turning to the Täktom airfield). The trail is signposted and has parking facilities by the road.

Svanvik bird tower


Svanvik is an open and shallow bay, where great amounts of seabirds and wading birds gather during migration. The bay is particularly popular amongst swans and here you can encounter three different species of swan. There is a nature trail leading to a bird tower by the beach The trail leads through a grove, which is a natural pasture for cattle. This is why dogs are not allowed in the area. The trail starts by Tvärminnentie, about 11 km from the town centre of Hanko.

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Peikon-Polku-Hanko Picture: Mikko Sorsa

Peikon Polku nature trail

Peikonpolku is situated on the northern shore of Hankoniemi peninsula, see location on the map. Along the nature trail one can find a common hazel grove, a natural beach and several different kinds of nature types. At the Furunäs peninsula is also a lean-to shelter, a fireplace and a outdoors toilet.
The terrain is versatile and depending on the weather the trail can be slippery. We recommend proper walking or hiking shoes.
The trail is situated 6 km from the centre of Hanko. Driving from Hanko along the main road 25, then take the road Furunäsintie to the left towards the parking area next to Peikon Polku.

Täktom wetlands

Täktom wetland

The shallow bay of Täktominlahti in Hanko has over the years suffered of too many nutrients, contributing to eutrophication, the over-fertilization of water and depletion of oxygen in the bay.  Operaation Täktominlahti (site in Finnish) was established in 2009, and the current goal is to build a second wetland. The nutrient uptake by plants in this wetland will decrease the eutrophication of Täktominlahti.

Follow the displays from the airfield in Hanko to the wetland. From the bird tower you will get an overview of the wetland and here you can find more information about the wetland.