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Shops and stores

Exploring cosy little shops

In Hanko you can find a large number of cosy shops, offering locally produced products as well as well-known brands. These personal shops are situated along the pedestrian street in the town center and serve you all year round.

The Eastern Harbour is Finland’s largest guest harbor and a pulsating meeting point in Hanko, where yachtsmen and landlubbers alike enjoy the crowds. In summer you are met by scents from the evening market, you can eat pancakes, choose fresh fish, shop in the small booths and enjoy an extensive selection of programs.


Anemone flower shop


Anemone is the oldest flower shop in Hanko and we service you cheerfully and competently. Pretty bouquets and arrangements for every happening; bride bouquets, christening bouquets or wreath for babies. Also mourning  funeral flowers and chest arrangements. We have also lovely things in the shop. We deliver flowers in Hanko and to other places in Finland or foreign countries by Interflora.

Vuorikatu 13, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)19 248 6920

Opening hours: Monday-Fridag 10-17, Saturday 9-14, Sunday closed


Ceias dresshop

The dresshop Ceia on Vuorikatu serves women of all ages and you can buy anything from underwear to overcoats. MASAI, In Front, Ze-Ze, Intown, Onetwo, Junge, Anna Montana, Signature among other brands.

Vuorikatu 15-17, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)44 967 7326

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-17, Saturday 10-14, Sunday closed


Foto Art Deco

Foto Art Deco is  a photostore with official passport picture -service, unique decoration and present shop. Equipments for artists, framing (by measure).

Ratakatu 9, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)50 338 7150, hanko@fotopar.fi

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-17, Saturday 10-14, Sunday closed


Hanko Granite Castle

Hanko Granite Castle is situated in the Eastern Harbour. During the summer season 26.6-26.8 you can find Finnish design, summer pop up shops, theme weeks, art exhibitions and cafe with a terass.

Itäsatama, Satamakatu 4, Hanko
info@hangongraniittilinna / tel. +358 (0)44 975 3203

Monday-Sunday 26.6-12.8 at 11-18
Friday-Sunday 17.8-19.8 at 11-18
Friday-Sunday 24.8-26.8 at 11-18

Happy Flower kukkakauppa Hangossa

Happy Flower

Happy Flower is a trendy flowershop with vintage charm. We also have products for in the garden and giveaways.

Vuorikatu 11, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)44 981 7119, info@happyflower.fi

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9.30-17 , Thursday-Friday 9.30-18, Saturday 9.30-15, Sunday 11-14


Kapteenin Outlet

Disney related Kids clothing boutique.

Vuorikatu 8, 10900 Hanko
Tel. 040 845 1550, jelena.backman@gmail.com

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-17, Saturday 10-15, Sunday closed


Lankasatama Hangossa


Yarn shop full of new ideas in centre of Hanko.

Vuorikatu 12-14, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)50 360 7705, katja@lankasatama.fi

Opening hours: Monday: closed, Tuesday-Friday: 10-17, Saturday: 10-14, Sunday: closed


Navy Blue Shop

A boutique of high quality leisure wear and shoes. You will find Hanko/Hangö collection, Parajumpers, North Sails, Sebago, Sail Racing, Holebrook and Repeat brands in our collection.

Opening hours:
Navy Blue Shop, Vuorikatu 8-10:
Fri 14-17, Sat 10-15


Webstore: www.navyblue.fi

Cigale Fourmi-5

Cigale & Fourmi

A unique home and garden decor shop specialized in beautiful products for the backyard, greenhouse, balcony, garden and beach. We have an eclectic range of product such as flower pots, lawn games, blankets and outdoor furniture, in a personal blend of classics and modern.

Appelgrensvägen 10, 10900 Hangö
+358 (0) 44 764 2273
Facebook & Instagram @cigalefourmishop
Opening hours
May 5- June 11: Saturday: 11-17 &  Sunday: 11-15
June 12- August 12: Tuesday- Saturday 11-17 & Sunday: 11-15
August 13 – September 30: Saturday 11-17 & Sunday: 11-15


Petras Sinikulma Blåhörnan

An old fashioned cosmetics shop, and a gift shop also offering natural cosmetics and eco-friendly detergents and a selection of locally produced food items.

Vuorikatu 15-17, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)400 015 773, petra.bistrom@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 10-17, Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15, Sunday closed


Stamp shop Lauri Peltonen

The collectors shop! A wide variety of stamps from all over the world, as well as accessories for collectors of stamps, coins and postcards.  The shop also presents a exhibition about sub marines until the end of August 2017.

Lasitehtaankatu 3
Tel. +358 (0) 19 248 2336, mail@lape.net

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8-15.30


Tian Kirja

Tian Kirja is open all year round and is situated on the shopping street. We have books, cards, office supplies and Nautical Charts.

Vuorikatu 10, 10900 Hanko
Tel. +358 (0)19 248 6060, tiankirja.tiasbok@gmail.com

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-17, Saturday 9-13, Sunday closed

Tian Veranta and Friends

Tian Veranta and Friends

Tian Veranta and Friends  is a beachlifestyle boutique with interior decoration and Odd Molly clothes. Hangon vanhimman kivitalon kauniissa liiketilassa torin laidalla. Other brands: Beach House Company, Piironki, Svanefors, Käinby 1925 linnesduvets, Harjadesign Hanko-products, Lene Bjerre…

Nycanderinkatu 16
tel. +358 (0)400 285 500, tia.vakkuri@tianveranta.fi

www.tianveranta.fi, FB: @tianverantaandfriends


Wednesday-Friday 11-17, Saturday 10-16, Sunday closed.
Private shopping by prior arrangement.


Tian Veranta

Tian Veranta is a beachlifestyle boutique with a selection of relaxed luxury clothing and also offers Hanko products such as Harja Design and Hanko cups. Other brands: Odd Molly,  Numph, Blue sportswear, Woden shoes, CapriCollection, Second Female, Ajlajk, Braez, Korres.

Vuorikatu 8-10, 10900 Hanko
Tel. + 358 (0)400 285 500, tia.vakkuri@tianveranta.fi
Instagram & FB @tianveranta

Opening hours in Novermber: 
Thu-Fri 12-17
(Thu 1.11 15-20 Customer evening!
Fri 23.11 10-19 )
Sat 10-15
(All Saint’s Day 3.11 at 11-14)

Ulla-Dress in Hanko


Multi-brand store since 1954. Clothing and shoes for kids, teens and adults. Name It, Gant, Vans, Levi’s, Cream and more! Welcome!

 Vuorikatu 9, phone 019 248 6201
Instagram @ulla-dress
 Open: Mon-Fri at 9-17, Sat at 9-14.

Villa Hima

Villa Hima

Villa Hima is a interior and lifestyle boutique of furniture for Hanko lifestyle, traditional and trendy wall papers, fabulous lamps, rugs, Fouta towels, textiles and other essential accessories.

Vuorikatu 13
Tel. 0400 – 942052


By agreement: info@villahima.fi

Vonnes Interior

Vonnes Interior

A cosy interior design shop with added services such as sewing and installation. We have a wide selection of fabrics, design textiles and gift items. We sell Lexington, Artwood and New Port, to name a few brands, as well as locally made Hanko-themed products.

Vuorikatu 7, 10900 Hanko
+358 (0) 19-248 4674

Open: Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-14.

Webshop: www.vonnesinterior.fi