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Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland, if not in the whole Baltic Sea area, and it offers beach experiences for everyone. Hanko has 130 kilometres of shoreline, of which 30 kilometres consists of beaches with fine sand, and the rest of beautiful rocky coves. In the cliff labyrinths you are bound to find a quiet nook for yourself, your blanket, and your book. Breathe the fresh sea air and enjoy!

You can choose a beach in the town centre or further away amidst nature. Hanko residents choose a beach on the basis of the direction of the wind, as the temperature of the sea in the summertime may depend on the wind.

Relax, let the warm sand tickle your soles in the sweet summer sun, and watch the light puffs of cloud passing by. Sunbathing is only one of many things to do on the beach. You can also play beach volleyball, surf, or kiteboard. You can also learn to snorkel in the shallow waters near the shore or go on a diving safari, exploring the magical underwater world.

Tennisranta, or Plagen, is the favourite beach of families with children. It is easy to recognise from the aquatic carousel, probably the only one of its kind in Europe, spinning far out in the shallow gulf. Wade to the merry-go-round, and jump on the ropes!

Come visit Hanko in early winter and fall in love with its dreamlike atmosphere. The expansive beach, frozen reeds, and the sea heavily rolling to shore captivate the gaze. The cheery atmosphere of late winter beckons one to go trekking and skiing on the shimmering, white ice. The sun is shining. It’s quiet.

After a short winter, the arrival of spring can be sensed clearly. The thawed sea and early migratory birds bring a promise of summer while nature elsewhere in Finland is still in deep hibernation.