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Guest harbours

Eastern Harbour
(in Finnish Itäsatama, in Swedish Östra hamnen)
The largest marina in Finland, having two harbours. Central location. Various services: a café, Internet, sauna, showers, toilets, laundry facilities, EVAC-drainage facility, boat crane (5.3 t), service station, playground for children, boat ramp, parking place, evening market with programme, ferry to the Gate to the Baltic, etc. There are about 400 moorings. There are several restaurants in or near the harbour area. It is about 500 metres to the shopping centre and the pedestrian street Vuorikatu.

In the summertime, every Wednesday and Friday, there is a popular and colourful evening market in the Eastern Harbour – you will find everything from vegetables and fish to clothes and handicrafts.

Municipal guest harbour
Eastern Harbour is the largest guest harbour in Finland offering 430 beths.
Harbour Office, tel. +358(0)19 232 770 www.hsfmarine.fi

Home and guest harbour Itämeren Portti (“Gate to the Baltic”)
Harbour office, tel. +358 (0)400 544 164,

Hangonkylä Harbour
The harbour is located 3 km from the town centre, on the northern side of Hanko near the archipelago. The harbour is Hanko’s biggest marina for small boats, with 650 moorings. Hangonkylä Harbour offers the following services: 20 moorings for guest boats, service station, Ekström´s fish shop (café/shop), restaurant, EVAC-drainage facility, boat ramp, showers and toilets. 1 km to the nearest grocery store.

tel. +358 (0) 40 135 9373

St1 Eastern Harbour and St1 Hangonkylä

Empty the cassette toilet here
Camping Silversand (for a small fee)

Other harbours

Kappelisatama Harbour
Kappelisatama Harbour is the oldest harbour in Hanko from the 13th century. It has been used as a fishing harbour and as a guest harbour. Today it is mainly used by the citizens of Hanko.

Western Harbour (Länsisatama)
The Port of Hanko was christened when the railway between Hanko and Hyvinkää was built in 1873 and served for a long time as Finland´s only winter harbour. At the turn of the 20th century about 400.000 Finns emigrated, about 250,000 of them passing through Hanko Western harbour on their way to a new life. In 1962-1964 Hansa Express offered the possibility to travel from Hanko via Visby to Travemünde and in 1972 it was possible to travel from Hanko to Poland with the shipping company Avomeri Oy. Today the Port of Hanko serves the trade and industry of the whole country with its fast liner services to the ports in continental Europe

The Freeport / The Outer Harbour
There were plans of building a harbour in the Tulliniemi area already in 1862 but the constructions did not start until 1921. The Freeport in Hanko became the key centre for the Finnish car import.

The Trawler Harbour (Troolarisatama)
The harbour has been used as a fishing harbour and there are still many picturesque fishing sheds left.

The Pike’s Gut (Hauensuoli)
“The Guest Book of the Archipelago”. A unique attraction! A narrow strait called Hauensuoli or the “Pike’s Gut”, located directly off the coast between two islands, “Tullisaari” and “Kobben”, was used as a sheltering harbour from the 15th century onwards. Seafarers carved their names and coats of arms in the rocks of these islands – some 640 carvings have been found and registered. The “Pike’s Gut” is one of the most unique sights in Hanko.

Lappohja marina
There are 50 moorings in the marina, and a shopping dock (for shorter stop-overs). About 600 m to a grocery store, and about 1,5 km to the Front Museum. Nice beaches near the harbour. More information about Lappohja on the villages own webpage (in Finnish and Swedish).