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Merellistä Hangossa

Sea activities

Beaches in Hanko


Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland, if not in the whole Baltic Sea area, and it offers beach experiences for every taste. Hanko has 130 kilometres of shoreline, 30 kilometres of which consists of sandy beaches, whereas some are beautifully barren and rocky bays. The sea glistens from three different directions and almost every road leads to a beach. It is always a good idea to check the direction of the wind, since in summer the temperature of the sea varies, depending on the direction of the wind!

SUP-station, tel. +358 (0)40 8720 241, hanko@supstation.fi, www.supstation.fi

Choose your own beach


Kayaks and boat rental

Kayaks and guided tours
• Outdoor Happiness, tel. +358 (0)40 5233 032, ilse.klockars@gmail.com, FB OutdoorHappiness
• Surf Club Hanko – Tulliniemen Keidas:@ Tulliniemen ranta / Tulliniemi Beach, tfn 040 552 2822, surfclubhanko@gmail.com, www.surfclubhanko.com

Boat rental
Nordic Boathouse, tel. +358(0)40 809 8688, www.nordicboathouse.fi, info@nordicboathouse.fi
Sun Fun, tel. +358(0)400 440 802, joakim.rosvall@gmail.com, www.sunfun.fi
• Boat rental, +358 (0)40 248 9101

Winter bathing in Hanko

Winter swimming

Winter swimming refreshes the body as well as the mind and is also a proven health activity. You can feel the effects of winter swimming even after the very first dip in the icy water. Ask for more information at the tourist office, tel. +358 (0)19 2203 411, tourist.office@hanko.fi

Surfing &Diving in Hanko

Diving & surfing

Hanko Diving, Eastern Harbour,
tel. +358(0)40 530 1397,  jarno@hankodiving.fi, or Tiina tel.+358 (0)40 525 0412. Information about wrecks in Hanko: www.hylyt.net

The beaches Tulliniemenranta and Hopeahietikko (Silversand) are some of the best windsurfing spots in Finland!
Kola Kayaking, tel. +358(0)44 088 5699, kolakayaking@gmail.com, www.kolakayaking.com
Surfboarding and SUP boards (Stand up Paddle)
• Surf Club Hanko – Tulliniemen Keidas:
@ Tulliniemen ranta / Tulliniemi Beach
Tel. +358(0)40 552 2822,
Windsurfing, surfboarding, kiteboarding and SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle), rental, teaching and retailing.
Merijooga, tel. +358 (0)44 766 7556, info@merijooga.fi, www.merijooga.fi
SUP board rental and lessons for groups.
SUP Hanko, Casino beach, tel. +358(0)45 673 1055, www.facebook.com/suphanko
SUP-rentals, guided SUP-tours
SUP station, Tennisbeach, tel. +358(0)40 8720 241, hanko@supstation.fi, www.supstation.fi
SUP-rentals, guided SUP-tours
● VIP Finland, tel. +358(0)40 7421218, info@vipfinland.com, www.vipfinland.com
Windsurfing, surfboarding, kiteboarding and SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle), water skiing

Hangon regatta ja merisavu

Boat tours & sailing

Boat tours
Marine Lines, Eastern harbour, tel. +358(0)400 536 930, www.marinelines.fi
Sun Fun, Eastern harbour, tel. +358(0)400 440 802, www.sunfun.fi
• Nordic Boathouse, tel. +358(0)40 809 8688, www.nordicboathouse.fi
Guide-Matti / Matti Piirainen, tel. +358(0)40 581 4799, www.guidematti.fi
• VIP Finland, tel. +358(0)40 7421218, www.vipfinland.com

• Nordic Boathouse, tel. +358(0)40 809 8688, www.nordicboathouse.fi
• Cathy Gylling-Bärling,
tel. +358 (0)40 3542 294,  catharina.gylling@gmail.com 

Fishing in Hanko


Fishing licences for the waters of Hanko town are sold at the municipal library, Vuorikatu 3-5, tel. +358 (0)40 135 9380, www.hanko.fi
•  You will receive more information about paying the fishing management fee and the provincial lure fishing fee on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
VIP Finland, tel. +358(0)40 7421218, info@vipfinland.com,www.vipfinland.com

Fishing trips
• Fishing guide Harri Hotti
, tel. +358(0)50 567 9011, hottipaikka@gmail.com, Hottipaikka-Pro-Fishing-Guide-Service
Hangon kalamatkat (Hanko fishing trips), Jarmo Kärkkäinen, tel. +358 (0)400 919 000

Ice-fishing is free of charge, and no licence is required. Further information: www.mmm.fi, www.ahven.net