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The autumn in Hanko

The sea sparkles from three points of the compass, and nearly every road lead to the sea. In Hanko the season is right now. After the summer we let us be embraced by the cosy autumn, and enjoy the power of storms, watching the waves of the ocean, vibrant with the darkest colours of green. Come and enjoy!


Wellness and energy

The autumn is the best time of year in Hanko. During darkening evenings you´ll find time to enjoy the peaceful quietness and spending time in the nature will give you a boost of energy. Go walking along the beaches, enjoy cosy candle lights, play in autumn leaves and find new ways of thinking. Yoga, mindfulness, massage and wellness, you´ll find everything in Hanko.


Good food and coffee

Hanko has an exceptionally versatile range of restaurants and also outside the busy summer season you´ll find personal options. The best ingredients of the autumn harvest are served at the local restaurants. At the coffeehouses you can also enjoy a warm cup of coffee and some nice sweets after a beach walk.


Clubs and bars

Cafés and foodbars


Find your activity 

The stormy ocean attracts windsurfers and surfers alike and during days with suitable winds kitesurfers colour the whole horizon. Bird watchers also gather along the shores of Hanko in autumn to follow the migrating birds leave for the winter. You can also beachcombing and watching the waves of the ocean, vibrant with the darkest colours of green.


Regatta Spa

The new Regatta Spa is a unique spa resort which combines the seaside atmosphere of Hanko city and the varied services of a luxury spa to form a unique experience. You can pamper yourself next to the beautiful sea-shore, train with top instructors as well as delight in the tastes conjured up by our chef. Open to the public from September to May.

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A hot spot for birdwatchers

The versatile nature in Hanko can also be observed in the birdlife. About 270 bird species are spotted yearly on the cape of Hanko. During mild winters many species pass the winter here by the sea. Migratory birds use the sand beaches and the bays for shelter and food.