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Hangon kaupunginsiluetti

The charming nature of Hanko

The sea sparkles from three directions of the compass, and nearly all the roads lead to the sea. In Hanko the season is right now. Fall in love with winter, meet spring with joy, enjoy summer and let yourself be embraced by the cosy autumn.

Come find your own favorite spot by the sea!

The Southernmost point of Finland

The Tulliniemi nature path

The Tulliniemi nature path will take you to the outer archipelago, to the southernmost point of Finland, where the archipelago sea and the Gulf of Finland meet. The southernmost tip is an excellent daytrip destination all year round; you will encounter a breathtaking view and a stunning sunset.

There are 15 information signs along the nature path, about the precious environment and about the rich cultural heritage of shipping and war history.

Tulliniemi nature path

Kylpyläpuisto Hangossa

Hanko national urban park

The Hanko national urban park was established in order to protect the Spa Park and the Puistovuoret rocks, the unique environment along Bulevardi and the warehouses in the Eastern harbour for future generations, and to strive to preserve the carvings on the Pike’s Gut, as well as other important nature areas in Hanko.
The aim of a national urban park is to preserve important nature areas and cultural environments. The national urban park in Hanko is the fourth urban park in Finland. It was founded in 2008 and is the southernmost and largest park in our country.

The Hanko national urban park

Hanko - Hot Spot for Birdwatchers

Hanko – Hot Spot for Birdwatchers

The versatile nature in Hanko can also be observed in the birdlife. About 270 bird species are spotted yearly on the cape of Hanko. During mild winters many species pass the winter here by the sea. Migratory birds use the sand beaches and the bays for shelter and food.

The birdwatchers Hanko

Giant's kettel in Hanko

Great walks in the nature

Did you know that the giant’s kettles or potholes were formed when the glacier-water from the glaciers of the ice age made one or more large rocks rotate for a longer period of time. The most famous giant’s kettle is on Puistovuoret and has a diameter of about one metre. Enjoy this and many other tips for interesting walks in Hanko!

Discover your favourite great walks

Guided Seal Safari

Guided Seal Safari

Take a trip to the outer archipelago to see the grey seals living in the Baltic Sea. There are over 12 000 grey seals and with a bit of luck you can spot the grey seal in Hanko daily.

Date: Cruises every Thursday and Sunday during the season 4.7-15.8.2019.
Price: 35 euros adults, 15 euros children (4–14 years). Contingent on weather.
Buy your ticket in the Hanko Tourist Office webstore

Blue mussel in Hanko

Fun facts about wild animals in Hanko

Take a walk on the beach and gather stones and mussel shells that have floated ashore. Do you recognize three of our most common mussels and how they live? Did you know that the Oystercatcher is the official bird of Hanko? Learn more about the nature and you will enjoy your time in the nature even more.

The wild animals in Hanko

Bird tower in Hanko

Nature trails and bird towers

In Hanko you can find many interesting alternatives to nature excursions. Two nature trails with information signs can be found following Täktomintie: Högholmen and Svanvik. Svanvik also offers a bird tower.

Nature trails and bird towers

Wind shelter at Gunnarsörarna

Wind shelters and campfire sites

A Finnish laavu (lean-to, wooden wind shelter) is a temporary outdoors residence, often equipped with a campfire. In Hanko you can find a laavu on the northern shore in Furunäs and also on the islands called Gunnarsörarna, situated southwest of Hanko.