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The fortress island of Örö

The fortress island of Örö that has been a closed military zone for a hundred years is now opened to the public. Its heavy Obukhovskii guns, historic barracs and different kinds of defence stations tells the story of coastal defence in different eras. Örö is also an important nature destination, there are a total of approximately 16,5 kilometres marked trails that run in easy terrains. There is also a restaurant and café as well as premises for accommodation on the island.

Cruises are arranged from the Eastern harbour on Sundays during the 25.6-27.8.2017 season. Departure at 10 a.m., arrival at 6.30 p.m.

Price: Adults 75 euros, children (4-14 years) 30 euros. Price includes lunch. Contingent on weather.

Tour Operator: Marine Lines, tel. 0400 536 930
Tour Agent: Hanko Tourist Office, tel. 019 2203 411, tourist.office@hanko.fi


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